Top New Features in Simufact Additive 2022

Top 5 new features in Simufact Additive 2022

New 2D Nesting Functionality

A new 2D nesting functionality has been implemented in Simufact Additive 2022. This allows our users to automatically nest single or multiple AM parts with just a few clicks. Our users benefit from a notable increase of productivity and sustainability.

Simufact Additive 2022 offers three options to run the new 2D nesting functionality:

  1. Nesting of imported geometries,
  2. Nesting based on the number of AM parts defined by the user, and
  3. Automatic filling of the base plate up to a certain compactness.
New 2D Nesting Functionality

Machining module enhancements

Already in Simufact Additive 2021, we introduced the ability to simulate machining processes. In the new version of Simufact Additive 2022, our users now simulate multiple machined parts. This enables machining simulation of assemblies. In addition, our users can now import geometries that represent fixations for machining processes.

With these two improvements, the productivity in defining machining processes is notably increased. Our user also has more control in setting up his machining processes, and benefits from more realistic simulation models.

Enhanced Metal Binder Jetting module

Several enhancements and improvements to our Metal Binder Jetting module have been made.

  1. The removal of the setter, which is the last step of the sintering process in Metal Binder Jetting, has been implemented. As the name of the newly implemented step suggests, it is now possible to include the last step of removing the setter in the simulation. This enables our users for the analyses of residual stresses and displacement changes.
  2. We also have unlocked the process parameters ‘Contact Separation Stress’ and ‘Contact Friction’. This allows for more flexibility in the process setup and leads to higher stability of the calculations.
  3. The setters are now fully supported in automatic distortion compensation.

Support Generation enhancements

In Simufact Additive 2022, two new improvements have been made to the Supports Generation: At first, our users can create multiple CADS Additive support structures in a single call. There is no need to open the same dialog multiple times in order to create different types of supports for one AM part. Secondly, CADS Additive supports can be modified after they have been created. This allows our users to create angled supports, for example, as well as to scale angled supports.

These two new enhancements allow for easier and faster creation of supports with different support types. The same dialog no longer needs to be opened multiple times Our users benefit from more flexibility and control over their generated supports.

Support Generation enhancements

Further improvements of Cost Estimation

The cost estimation in Simufact Additive gives our user an insight into the estimated costs of his AM printing, based on his individually adjustable part costs. This costing module has been improved in Simufact Additive 2022 by adding buttons for direct access to specific costing parameters. This new improvement enables for a faster comparison of different part cost parameters.

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