Top New Features in Simufact Additive 2021

Top 5 Highlights in Simufact Additive 2021

Top 5 new features in Simufact Additive 2021

New process type: Machining

Simufact Additive 2021 provides our users with a new application module for subtractive manufacturing simulation, called machining, that allows our users to simulate the effects of subtractive manufacturing processes such as milling and drilling on the part geometry and the residual stresses.

Huge enhancements to the Metal Binder Jetting module

In Simufact Additive 2021, our users benefit from three major enhancements to the Metal Binder Jetting (MBJ) module:

  1. Users are now able to consider setters in the process simulation. Setters support the part during sintering to compensate for the part shrinkage.
  2. A specifically developed solver for MBJ process simulation enables for a speed-up by a factor of up to 17 times.
  3. The special new compensation algorithm for MBJ processes serves for an increased robustness during the optimization of distortion compensation.

Enjoy faster and more robust Metal Binder Jetting simulation in our latest version Simufact Additive 2021.

Enhancement of calibration algorithm

With the new version, we have implemented a new calibration algorithm. Users now benefit from faster and more stable calibration runs. This new feature enables an efficient and fast calibration algorithm, that drastically reduces calibration time while increasing stability and robustness.

Enhancement of calibration algorithm
Enhancement of calibration algorithm

Enhancement of the base plate fixation

A new and easy to understand dialog for defining the base plate fixations allows users to define fixations at any position, with any diameter, and with any combination regarding degrees of freedom. Users can define the fixations from the top and bottom side or just from the one side.

In addition, the user can evaluate the fixation forces by using the Time-History (THS) plot.

Enhancement of the base plate fixation
Enhancement of the base plate fixation

Speed-up support generation and slicing

In Simufact Additive 2021, we significantly improved the speed of support generation and slicing, up to 10 times faster than in the previous version. The increased speed pays off through finely meshed geometries and filigree support elements.

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