Welding Hub

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Abb. Simufact Welding Hub

The Welding Hub provides essential functionality needed for thermal joining as well as basic functionality needed for all other application modules. It includes specifically:

  • The Simufact Welding GUI for Pre- and Postprocessing
  • Finite Element Solver
  • Simufact Material database with a number of material data examples including
    • Low alloyed, high alloyed, carbon, austenitic and tool steels
    • Aluminum alloys for welding and brazing
    • Titanium alloys
    • Copper based alloys
    • Cobalt based alloys
    • Nickel based alloys
  • Queueing tool


Welding Hub Basics

The Welding Hub is the basis for all the application modules which extend the Welding Hub with application-specific functions. Therefore the application modules are dependent on the Welding Hub. The Welding Hub can only be used in combination with a specific application module and therefore comes bundled with the thermal joining application modules needed for a variety of thermal joining processes such as

  • Arc welding
  • Laser Beam welding
  • Electron Beam welding
  • Brazing

Additionally, it provides the possibility of Stress relief heat treatment simulation.

Furthermore, with the Cooling and Clamping capability it is possible to vary clamping and cooling conditions previous to or after a welding process.


More included features are:

  • Parallelization options (depending on the number of available licenses)
  • Process chain capabilities
  • Scalable simulation approaches
  • Self-calibrating heat source definition
  • Powerful Pre- and Postprocessing capabilities


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