Webinar series Additive Manufacturing and MSC Apex Generative Design

Additive manufacturing is playing an increasingly important role in many different industries, for example in automotive production, in the medical area, or aerospace. It has passed already the phase of inflated expectations (“hype”) and early adopters have now reached a turning point, where based on the right business models and technological understanding this new technology starts to gain benefits. Meanwhile there are lots of new process subtypes and derivates under development and will be implemented even for larger-scale manufacturing over the course of the next years. Nevertheless, there are still lots of uncertainties and concerns, how to improve productivity, robustness, and predictability of this manufacturing technology to gain broader acceptance and make it profitable to run.

You are wondering how you could further improve your daily work?

We emphasize you to employ a generative design before starting your 3D process. You will save costs and time by using end-to-end software solutions for generative design and additive manufacturing.

Participate in one of the offered webinars that features “Save costs and time using simulation for Design and Additive Manufacturing” and meet our experts for Additive Manufacturing and Generative Design. Dr. Ralph Bernhardt for Additive Manufacturing, Director Technical Sales Support Global, and Dr. Thomas Reiher for Generative Design, Director Generative Design.

Discussion Points

  • Why invest in design and metal 3D printing software solutions?
  • How does Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) change the way metal parts are designed and manufactured?
  • How can the limitations of DMLS cause design challenges reducing your ROI?
  • How can engineering simulation help in additive manufacturing and part design optimisation?
  • How can a company recover the investment in simulation in a very short time driving growth and save costs?
  • How can investing in this smart manufacturing technology boost ROI?

Webinar on demand


Further Information and Contact

Dr. Ralph Bernhardt

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Dr. Ralph Bernhardt
Director Technical Sales Support
Phone: +49 (0)40 790 128 182
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