Technology Partners

We have entered into technology partnerships with selected companies.

With our technology partners, mainly manufacturers of machines for forming and welding technology, we develop comprehensive solutions for marketing machine hardware along with Simufact software.

Among our technology partners are:

  • Schuler
  • Siempelkamp
  • SMS Meer
  • Nedschroef

Engineering Project example

Simufact has developed two individual software solutions in a joint project with our technological partner Schuler SMG:

One is called FPS, “FEM Process Chain Simulation”, which is based on Simufact.forming and is used for forging and rolling operations. The second is called “Job Engineering Software (JES)," which is a newly developed tool designated for the creation of the operation sequences and the generation of machine parameters and rolling strategies.

The process parameters generated in JES, and the target geometries for pieces to be worked and their tools, are used as input parameters for the machine’s control system and the process chain simulation. It is possible for the user to interpret both individual process steps and the overall process chain and optimization. High productivity and availability are ensured both in the engineering environment and on the production line.

For more details please read the article `Design, Control and Optimization of Process Chains´, published in the forging magazine.


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