Simufact Engineering – manufacturing simulation specialists

Simufact Engineering is a subsidiary of MSC Software. We are an international software company based in Hamburg, Germany.

We develop software for the design and optimization of manufacturing processes with the help of process simulation.

Simufact simulation solutions form the backbone of development, construction and manufacturing departments of many well-known product development & manufacturing companies.

Our Credo is: Innovative and efficient development and optimization of manufacturing processes. This encompasses speed (time to market), process security and product quality – the three pillars of every manufacturing company.

To meet these demands, we consistently use modern simulation methods. We transfer costly operational testing and “try-out” into the computer. We simulate manufacturing.

“Simulating Manufacturing” has not only been our mission for years, but is also the heart and soul of the company.

We support our customers in the simulation of different manufacturing techniques: welding, sheet metal forming, mechanical joining, cold and hot forging, open die forging, rolling and ring rolling, heat treatment and a number of special processes.

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