Simufact Forming 2021 Beta

Don’t miss Simufact Forming 2021 integrating new tetrahedral elements, making your process simulation up to 6.5x* faster compared with the previous version. Sounds impossible, right?

Watch the video!

Benefit from high speed at highest accuracy using Simufact Forming 2021.

*The factor refers to the comparison between the old version without parallelization and the new version with parallelization.

Simufact Forming 2021 Timeline

February 01, 2021 – February 22, 2021 Simufact Forming 2021 Beta phase
March 31, 2021 Target release date of Simufact Forming 2021

Simufact Forming 2021 Addendum

The Beta phase of Simufact Forming 2021 has been completed.

Thanks to all Beta testers for your numerous feedback.

Even after the Beta phase please don’t hesitate to share your open points and ideas with us via email at:

For all other requests, please use our ‘contact us’ form below.

We are looking forward to our final release of Simufact Forming 2021.

Stay tuned until then and follow our LinkedIn channel.

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