Simufact College

All of our training activities are brought together under the umbrella of the "Simufact College". In cooperation with our local partners worldwide we offer a wide range of training methods from local classic instructor-led seminars to web-based seminars (webinars) and coaching you at your site. Product training is available for our products Simufact Forming, Simufact Welding and Simufact Additive.

Our standard training program for Simufact Forming covers the different disciplines of metal forming (e.g. forging, sheet metal forming, mechanical joining, and rolling), to reflect the variety of software modules available.

Simufact’s products feature an easy-to-use interface which is built with the manufacturing engineer in mind. This helps keep the learning curve for Simufact’s products to be as short as possible. In addition to use of the interface, Simufact’s training offerings cover process modeling, use of the solver to perform calculations, interpreting simulation results, while also covering such areas as the basic structures of complex production models. Course content can be specifically adapted to the different manufacturing issues relevant to you, as well as dealing with the common industrial problems that affect everyone.

Simufact’s instructors are all competent engineers with years of practical experience in the design and simulation of metal forming and welding processes. In addition to their academic qualifications, our instructors also have experience teaching many courses and know-how to help you learn most efficiently.


Four-part Webinar series

Welding structure simulation

Take part our four-part webinar series on welding structure simulation.
Our Simufact experts give you insights into the application areas and the potential of welding simulation software.

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Webinar on demand

We would like to invite you to participate on in our on demand webinar on MSC Apex Generative Design and Simufact Additive to meet our experts. Discover how you could further improve your additive manufacturing processes by using generative design before starting your 3D printing process.

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Webinar on demand: Introduction into Simufact Welding

Gain first insights into the welding structure simulation and listen to our 30-minutes overall webinar introducing Simufact Welding 8.

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Webinar on demand: Introduction Simufact Additive

Gain first insights into the additive manufacturing simulation and listen to our 30-minutes overall webinar introducing Simufact Additive 4.

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Webinar: How Direct Energy Deposition simulation helps you optimize your processes

(Picture with friendly permission by Fraunhofer IPK)

Simufact  launched  adedicated simulation solution for Direct Energy Deposition (DED).

Familiarize yourself with the the functionality of the software, we will show you the GUI and software usage.


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Introduction of MSC Apex Generative Design 2020

Discover the complete new user interface that leverages the power of MSC Apex and benefit from a seamless, integrated workflow for the setup of the optimisation model.

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Customer Specific Training

On demand, we are able to offer customer specific trainings focusing on your special needs. Please contact your local training partner.

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