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We closely collaborate with our scientific partners on research and educational projects. Here we have selected a number of our scientific partners and included a short summary of the projects.

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Our scientific partners

Reutlingen University, Germany
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Reutlingen University

Research Project

RWTH Aachen University, Germany
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RWTH Aachen

Joint research projects with RWTH Aachen (Examples):

Project StrucSim: Development of intelligent algorithms to provide microstructural-based flow curve models for the forming simulation of lightweight materials.

Research Project


Projekt ICMEg: Integrated Computational Materials Engineering
Projekt DPForge: Combined Process and Alloy Design of a micro-alloyed DP Forging Steel based on Integrative Computational Material Engineering

Research Project

Leibniz-Institut für Werkstofforientierte Technologien - IWT
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IWT Bremen (Interdisciplinary Research for the Changing World of Metalworking/ Stiftung Institut für Werkstofftechnik)

Research Project

AGH University for Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland
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Department of metal technology and information systems

AGH Simufact Class: student training courses for the advanced use of simulation software

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UiTM Universiti Teknologi MARA, Shah Alam, Malaysia
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Advance Manufacturing Technology Excellence Center (AMTEx)

Founding of a research and training center – “Research & Training Centre for Virtual Manufacturing Technology and Process”

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National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences, Taiwan
Foundation of "Forging and Roll Forming Technology Research Center"; Research Focus extrusion of aluminum profiles

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ITU Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
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ITU Istanbul Technical University (Istanbul, Turkey)

The Istanbul Technical University (ITU) has founded a “virtual manufacturing lab” in cooperation with Simufact Engineering. The lab will advance teaching, research and the development capacity of the ITU in the field of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) and the virtual testing technologies.

Press release

Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany

Winner of the Academic Relationship Award in 2014 (named “Scientific Award” until 2014)

The prize was awarded for cooperation on the pioneering project “Process optimization through oscillating tool movements in bulk metal forming.”

Project Description

Scientific paper about the project

Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany

Winner of the Academic Relationship Award in 2012 (named “Scientific Award” until 2014)

The prize was awarded to the professorship for “virtual manufacturing technology” at the institute for tool machines and manufacturing processes at the TU of Chemnitz for the long-standing, close and trusting cooperation on a number of funding projects of the DFG, ZiM as well as within a SFB (Special research project). Of all the special forming methods investigated in the projects, such as pretension pressing, joining or incremental forming processes as e.g. spin extrusion, many were first developed at TU Chemnitz and have been successfully applied in the industry. It is a noteworthy scientific achievement that the numeric simulation of the methods was always completed in parallel – several methods were solely developed based on the simulated pre-optimization using Simufact’s software. The ZiM-Project “Hybrid Mesh” represents a milestone in meshing technology for Simufact.


Additional information about collaboration projects:

  • Special research project (SFB)  "HALS" Project manager: Kai Kittner, virtual analysis of microscopic force and form closure in the boundary area of hydrostatically extruded components
  • DFG-Project: numeric-based development of a flat-clinch-connection
  • DFG-Project: numeric-based development of a metal-plastic composite via flat-clinching
  • DFG-Project: numeric-based optimization of non-round pressing processes (Sebastian Härtel)
  • ZIM-Project: Hybrid mesh (Thoralf Gerstmann) ... joint exhibition booth at the BMWi Summer festival in Berlin 2010
  • DFG-Project: on numeric optimization of the shaft-hub-connection (Stefan Kleditzsch)


Furthermore, our simulation and manufacturing specialists are involved in an advisory role on over 20 project committees.  


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