Scientific Awards

Both the Academic Relationship Award and the Scientific Publication Award are awarded annually, usually at the Simufact RoundTable Conference.

Simufact has always sought the cooperation of the academic world. Over the years many long-lasting and very successful partnerships have grown as reflected in a variety of successfully managed projects and joint development activities. Through market analyses, customer visits and a worldwide presence at trade fairs and conferences, we systematically search for new trends in manufacturing and for future challenges in the field of high-end simulation solutions with an industrial-scale use.

The talented scientists and researchers who have joined our global academic network, have gladly taken on these challenges within the framework of projects, and have developed solutions for future applications in cooperation with our experts. It is due to this cooperation between research facilities and application-oriented practitioners that ideas and methods (that drive technological progress) are generated. We see ourselves as a facilitator for the transfer of technology between science and practice.

Academic Relationship Award

The Academic Relationship Award (Scientific Award until 2014) is presented to academic research partners who have cooperated with Simufact in a way that is especially productive and who have enabled the exemplary transfer of technology.

Award winners of the past years

Year Winner Reasons
2015 Reutlingen Research Institute (RRI) of Reutlingen University For cooperation on the ZiM-AiF project "Robust Design Optimization". In addition to the successful development of a first prototype for complex industrial applications, three joint presentations were given and a masters thesis about the topic was also completed.
2014 Institute for Production Engineering and Forming Machines – PtU. (Technical University Darmstadt) For cooperation on the pioneering project "Process optimization by oscillating tool movements in bulk metal forming"
2013 TransRegio 73, Working Group Modeling and Simulation For cooperation in the area of special research: Transregio 73. The forming of complex functional components with secondary design elements of thin sheet metal – massive sheet metal forming for production
2012 Professorship Virtual Production Engineering at the IWP (Institute for Machine Tools and Production Processes) at TU Chemnitz TU Chemnitz has new developed some special forming techniques that have successfully been transferred to industry application - alongside with numerical simulations that match the forming processes. The close and year-long cooperation with Simufact was the reason for the awarding.

Scientific Publication Award

The Scientific Publication Award is awarded to scientific publications about research and development projects that are especially relevant to practical applications of a complex nature. The publications/projects have been proven to solve complex practical problems with the help of Simufact simulation tools or to develop solutions for future applications.
The award, endowed with a 1,000 Euro prize, was first handed out at the 16th Roundtable in May, 2015. Those who achieve first and second place are given the opportunity to present their work to a wide audience from industry and academia.

Participant Conditions:

  • The topic should be highly relevant to practical industrial application
  • The project must have included the use of Simufact software
  • The publication must have been published in a relevant professional journal / scientific journal / or in a conference transcript no later than three months, and no earlier than twelve months ahead of the Roundtable conference
  • The main author must be a student or working for a university, college, or academy


Award winners

Year Winner Article
2016 Kerim Isik et al., Institute of Forming Technology and Lightweight Construction, Technical University Dortmund Investigations of ductile damage during the process chains of toothed functional components manufactured by sheet-bulk metal forming
(available for purchase here)
2015 Michael Lätzer, Dr. Stefan Kleditzsch, Technical University of Chemnitz Numerical and analytical investigation of steel–aluminum knurled interference fits: Joining process and load characteristics (available for purchase here)

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