Project StrucSim: A short description

RWTH Aachen

The development of intelligent algorithms for generating microstructure-based flow-curve models for the simulating forming processes of lightweight construction materials

StrucSim is an innovative modeling approach for the simulation of microstructure effects developed by IBF, RWTH Aachen. Contrary to other established models, StrucSim not only incorporates the kinematics of recrystallization, but also gives predictions about the average grain size and statistical information about local grain size (minimum, maximum).

The most significant difference between StrucSim and other models is that the local yield stress properties can be derived from the development of the local microstructure dynamically. A direct connection between the yield stress and the microstructure is established. Unfortunately, as is the case with all known models to date, the calculation of the model's parameters and calibration takes a lot of effort. The focus of this project is therefore, to develop an intelligent statistical algorithm in order to significantly reduce the need and amount of experimental trials.

Customers will then be able to acquire the necessary data for their materials more easily and efficiently

App. A microstructure-based flow curve calculation by means of the StrucSim microstructure data base
A microstructure-based flow curve calculation by means of the StrucSim microstructure data base

Please find more information about the research project at RWTH Aachen here.

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