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ICMEg – An ICME Expert Group (EU support number: GA 606711)

ICME – Integrated Computational Materials Engineering - is an evolving engineering discipline that connects the physical and metallurgical considerations at different scales with computer-based process simulations. Length scales range from atomistic models (interaction on an atomic level, dislocations, metal lattice effects) to nano scales (e.g. formation, distribution and the effects of precipitations), to mesoscopic effects (grain, grain boundary) and to the global macro scale (product and process level). There are a vast variety of different models and software tools to achieve this. A primary concern of ICME, besides providing further research into metallo-physical effects and their modeling is to harmonize heterogeneous multi-scale modeling for pre/ post processing and to create standard interfaces for interactive data exchange (input and output). Simufact, together with 18 European partners, participates in the ICMEg joint project.

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While ICMEg is a rather methodical and conceptual project to develop a generic data standard for ICME-based applications, the project DP Forge undertakes more practice-related research and development.


DP Forge (Registered for support by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research under 01DQ14003A)

Combined Process and Alloy Design of a micro-alloyed DP Forging Steel based on Integrative Computational Material Engineering (DP Forge)

The goal of this project is to develop processes for the complex manufacturing procedures of forged components (e.g. gear wheels) made of a new DP steel created with an ICME tool with energy-optimized processes (several heating and annealing operations, hot rolling, and forming) and the desired properties (minimal distortion). The necessary multi-scale simulation platform is therefore to be created, validated, and prepared for industrial use. The development and implementation of a standard for connecting heterogeneous software tools for the differing length scales is also a significant sub-goal of the project.

The project is undertaken in cooperation with the partners “Institut für Eisenhüttenkunde” (IEHK) of RWTH Aachen (Department of Ferrous Metallurgy), IIT Madras (Chennai, India) and Tata Consultancy Services Ltd (Mumbai, India).



Within this group, Simufact strives to develop and test a dynamic and flexible approach to simulation that connects the multi-scale metallurgical simulation with a process simulation. The focus is an ICME-based simulation solution for forming and annealing processes that can be achieved within an acceptable time frame.


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