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Manufacturing industries such as the aerospace industry, the automotive industry, the shipbuilding industry, and the machine building industry are increasingly being driven by material property - oriented design requirements. These industries must deploy technologies, parts, components and systems that meet the strict regulations regarding the designs life on the one hand and can cope with requirements such as lower part weight and minimized resource consumption on the other.

To achieve these ambitious goals, new engineering disciplines have been developed with a multidisciplinary nature such as TPM (through process modeling) or ICME (Integrated Computational Materials Engineering).

In the above mentioned industries, at least on an OEM level, there are general standards and licensing procedures that apply to new technologies, new parts, new materials and also for the qualification of suppliers. A central aspect of such standards is the requirement for advanced virtual design, test tools and procedures.

Commercial simulation tools, such as those provided by Simufact, must therefore be developed and improved to meet all the requirements needed for correctly predicting material properties.

Through actively participating in research projects, we are ensuring that the industrial application of scientific knowledge does not become out of focus. The knowledge we gain from projects is used, whenever possible, to enhance our software functions as quickly as possible.

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