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Simufact R&I: link between research and industry

For many years Simufact has been dedicated to cooperating with scientific partners. When implementing a project, especially one based on applied research, Simufact cooperates with a number of notable institutions and research facilities. More than 40 partnerships worldwide prove the high value that the company attaches to this form of knowledge transfer.

Simufact considers itself a link between academic research and industrial application. Strategic and relevant topics from research and development are put into practice in the development of Simufact simulation software for manufacturing processes. Likewise, demands and insights from the industry are being addressed in the research work.

As fascinating as the numerous research ideas might be: Simufact also understand their role as a filter and mediator between scientific partners and customers as only research based on the real or future needs of the customers have the potential to succeed as innovation in the market.

Innovation management at Simufact
Innovation management at Simufact

Supporting Innovation

How does innovation occur?

Innovation and the capability for it are important key factors for the competitiveness and therefore, the success of a company. If you ask the question "where and how innovation can be created?" you will soon be discover that innovative techniques, products and services often originate from the cooperation between industry and research institutions, where commercial and practical demands and the newest research results meet. Cooperation between industry and science strengthen the competitiveness of companies on the one hand, and guarantee the praxis -orientated research and teaching, and the profitable utilization of research results on the other. The cooperation between industry and science is a motor of innovation.

As a software supplier for the design and optimization of manufacturing processes, research results from mathematics, physics, chemistry and material sciences are often implemented directly into innovative enhancements to our software.

EFB quality

EFB Quality label
Quality label of the EFB

The EFB (Europäische Forschungsgesellschaft für Blechverarbeitung e.V., European Research Association for Sheet Metal Working) awards the quality label “Innovative Allianz” (Innovative Alliance) to members that commit to networking companies and research facilities, as well as to those who drive pre-competitive research in the areas of materials, production processes and quality control in sheet metal working.

Simufact product development

Currently, Simufact is investing in the following areas of development:

  • Simulation of holistic process chains, including the consideration of the results from previous process steps (forming, welding, heat treatment)
  • Capability for property-oriented virtual development, where local product properties are a function of the material history and process cycle.
  • Development of automated complex kinematics, including control concepts, where kinematics are a function of current process variables, such as in superplastic forming
  • Virtual development of robust processes by integrating statistical, stochastic or genetically based optimization algorithms
    • Six Sigma
    • Virtual process capability studies, Design of Experiments
  • Intelligent databanks and knowledge bases
  • Simulation that takes into account machinery behavior such as frame deflections, tilt, and vibration)
  • Development of optimization strategies, including CAD integration

In nearly all areas, Simufact cooperates with companies and scientific institutions to undertake research projects.

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