Webinar on demand: How Direct Energy Deposition simulation helps you to optimize your processes

Simufact Welding 2020 Module

(Picture with friendly permission by Fraunhofer IPK)

Simufact launched a dedicated simulation solution for Direct Energy Deposition (DED).

This new software – a module inside Simufact Welding 2020 – helps the user quickly and efficiently setup robust DED models in order to virtually evaluate stresses, strains, deformations, the thermal history and possible hot spots during manufacturing of AM Parts. The DED models utilize common robot programming such as the G-Code which allows the user to simply import existing tool paths instead of defining weld paths manually.

The DED models are based on common robot codes such as the G-Code which allows for simply importing existing path planning instead of defining weld paths manually.


What you´ll learn

The goal of this webinar is to introduce you into the functionality of the software, we will show you the GUI and software usage.

The webinar was presented by Pavel Khazan and Marius Gatzen on October 28th19.

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Dr. Marius Gatzen

Dr. Marius Gatzen, Manager Technical Sales Support Welding


Dr. Marius Gatzen

Pavel Khazan, Product Coordinator Simufact Welding

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