Hands-on Tutorials Simufact.forming

Enter the fascinating world of forming simulation and get first impressions of our software Simufact.forming.

In 8 consecutive hands-on tutorials you will gain insights into the intuitive user interface of Simufact.forming. You will get an impression how to easily set up a model, how to create geometries, how to analyze the simulation results, and more.

If you would like to find out more, please register for the hands-on tutorials. You will then automatically receive the hands-on tutorial series on Simufact.forming for the next four weeks – two tutorials per week. In case you have missed one tutorial, just click the “previous” button.

Our customers find the Hands-on Tutorials in our customer area. If you have forgotten your login data please contact us: marcom@simufact.de

Overview Hands-on Tutorials Simufact.forming

Topics of the Hands-on Tutorials

Look forward to learn more about these topics:

  1. Familiarize with the user interface
  2. Create an analysis model
  3. How to import CAD-data
  4. How to create simple geometry
  5. How to align objects
  6. How to select material records
  7. How to create 2D meshes
  8. First steps in 2D Post-processing

Registration Hands-on Tutorials Simufact.forming