Pressure Welding

Characterization or pressure welding processes

CD welding, a special variant of projection welding (Source: GLAMAtronic)
CD welding, a special variant of projection welding (Source: GLAMAtronic)

Pressure welding stands for a group of joining processes in which components are joined by applying heat and pressure. Heat can be generated either via an electrical current (resistance welding) or by friction (friction welding).

Pressure welding processes that can be simulated using Simufact products are:

  • Resistance welding
    • Resistance spot welding
    • Projection welding
    • Seam welding
    • Capacitor discharge welding
  • Friction welding
    • Rotational friction welding
    • Translational friction welding
  • Friction spot welding

Pressure welding: Typical industries and applications

Typical industries:

Body in white (Source: fotolia)
  • Vehicle Construction, e.g. automotive (car body, hood, roof)
  • Aerospace industry
  • Mechanical & plant engineering
  • Energy industry, renewable energies
  • White goods industry

Typical challenges

  • Determine the best process parameters for a given material-thickness combination
  • Determine a suitable window of process parameters
  • Understand material flow
  • Predict material properties due to phase transformation
  • Analyse strength of the joint to static and dynamic load
  • Examine influence of
    • wrong tool alignment on the joint
    • different coatings
    • shunting effect for multi-point consideration
  • Develop new joining technologies
Grinding pattern (Source_ GLAMAtronic Schweiß- und Anlagentechnik GmbH)
Grinding pattern (Source_ GLAMAtronic Schweiß- und Anlagentechnik GmbH)

Our Solution for Pressure Welding

Pressure Welding module in Simufact Forming

The Pressure Welding module is specifically designed for the process simulation of pressure welding processes. Various different processes like resistance (spot) welding, friction welding and friction spot welding processes can be analyzed. Furthermore, special effects such as shunting effect, multi point consideration or the influence of coatings can be taken into account.

Take advantage of Simufact Forming for your pressure welding processes

When your joining specialist perform robust and high-performance simulations with experimentally validated results, you are able to:

  • Predict the characteristic joining properties (e.g. nugget size) with variable process parameters
  • Evaluate the effect on robustness from deviations in material thickness, material properties and process parameters
  • Reduce expenses substantially
    • Fewer experimental tests
    • Fewer cross-section preparation and connection parameter measurements
    • Lower resources (time, staff, machines) for experimental analysis and evaluations
  • Gain significant process expertise
    • Determine the behavior of materials during joining
    • Increase the stability of the joints and the process
    • Predict failure of the joints


For a functional look at Simufact Forming Pressure Welding please read our product description.

Simufact Forming Pressure Welding

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