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Press Releases and News

Twitter Feed Simufact

Hexagon announces market-aligned strategy for Computer-Aided Engineering innovation and smarter manufacturing

Market leader in metrology, CAE and CAM reveals “entrepreneur-driven” growth plans for simulation to support its customers’ ambitions for smart manufacturing and sustainability

New Release - Simufact Additive 2021

The latest version scores with the new process type, that enables users to simulate subtractive manufacturing processes to predict the distortions after a machining process. Also, our Metal Binder Jetting (MBJ) module received major enhancements, bringing a new feature, a new and [...]

New Release - Simufact Welding 2021

The latest version includes an extended Python API that enables the user to fully automate his welding process simulation workflows from model creation to the evaluation of many variants or different processes. It offers productivity improvements and [...]

New Release - Simufact Forming 2021

The latest release covers five top highlights such as the new tetrahedral elements for meshing, which speed up the process simulation at highest accuracy. Further enhancements are the assistance for damage modelling, which allows the user for an easy, automated and [...]

Explore the On-Demand Webinars on Virtual Manufacturing and Costing

Manufacturing and Costing

For the design and development of parts and assemblies manufacturing plays an important role. Engineers work hard to develop optimal manufacturing processes and face many challenges.

Press Media Archive

Press Pictures and Graphics for your journalistic daily work - examples

The press pictures and graphics from our picture archive are available for editorial purposes only. All content is freely available but may not be altered without prior approval.


Manifold part distortion after cutting the base plate

The picture shows a calculated half, taking advantage of symmetry, idealized cross-girder structure.

Simufact’s CEO Michael Wohlmuth and CTO Dr. Hendrik Schafstall, in front of the new head office at Tempowerking 19, Hamburg.

New functionality in Version 14 – context menu view

In our media archive you can find more pictures (simulation pictures, real pictures, portraits of the management, and more) to illustrate the forming and welding simulation.

Press Media Archive

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