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Press Releases and News

Twitter Feed Simufact

Three-pack of EuroBLECH novelties: New Simufact software releases for forming, welding and additive manufacturing processes

Simufact presents new product versions of their established product lines for the forming and welding simulation

Launch of Simufact Additive for additive manufacturing processes




Simufact to launch process simulation software solution for metal additive manufacturing

Software that predicts the manufacturing results of additive manufactured metal parts

Launch event series starts with the TCT Show in Birmingham, UK, and formnext in Frankfurt/Main, Germany




Enter the fascinating world of forming simulation

Simufact offers in eight consecutive Hands-on tutorials insights into the use of their forming solution Simufact.forming




Video tutorials on welding simulation available

Simufact tutorials provide insights into the practical handling of simulation software

Simulation of Resistance Spot Welding, Laser Beam Welding and Arc Welding



MSC Software offers free workshops on APEX and Simufact solutions at the Engineering Simulation Show

2015 - 2017 part of MSC

At this year’s Simulation Engineering Show in Derby on April 7th, MSC Software will provide insights into their updated simulation software solutions portfolio. 



Press Media Archive

Press Pictures and Graphics for your journalistic daily work - examples

The press pictures and graphics from our picture archive are available for editorial purposes only. All content is freely available but may not be altered without prior approval.


Manifold part distortion after cutting the base plate

The picture shows a calculated half, taking advantage of symmetry, idealized cross-girder structure.

Simufact’s CEO Michael Wohlmuth and CTO Dr. Hendrik Schafstall, in front of the new head office at Tempowerking 19, Hamburg.

New functionality in Version 14 – context menu view

In our media archive you can find more pictures (simulation pictures, real pictures, portraits of the management, and more) to illustrate the forming and welding simulation.

Press Media Archive

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