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Claudia Plutschinski

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Claudia Plutschinski
Marketing & Customer Services
Phone: +49 (0)40 790 128 161

Forming simulation with Simufact Forming

Simufact Forming product portfolio
(278 KB, 1045 x 847 px)

The cover of the new Simufact Forming 14 software box illustrates the simulation of a forged conrod and a mechanical joining process chain.
(320 KB; 675 x 866 px)

Case hardening process simulated in Simufact Forming 15

Simufact-GR-casehardening.png (54,6 kB, 1033x1006 px)



Graph shows electrical resistivity of the material


(5432,8 kB, 956x610 px)



Simufact GUI Cold forming


(660,4 kB, 1920x1080 px)



Inductive heating of a die simulated in Simufact Forming 15


(98,9kB, 1210x1020 px)



Automatic fold detection feature


(244 kB, 1281x1041 px)



Process chain simulation: Interface to casting simulation Procast (ESI)


(1,1 MB 1832x1241 px)



Simplyfied positioning of dies and tools with the re-designed postionier


(176,7 kb 1414x1032 px)



Compare simulation and reference model


(203,3 kb 1920x1080 px)



Joining Optimizer with easy-to-understand traffic light indicator

(228 KB; 1918 x 1198)

The pictures illustrates simulated and real depiction of a spring.
(776,2 KB, 1832 x 1241 px)

Simulation versus Real: Illustration of a clutch cover. The simulation picture calculated by Simufact Forming and real picture is from the production halls of ZF.
(659,4 KB, 1772 x 1274 px)

Simulation of self-piercing-riveting process with adhesive  
(159 KB, 1259 x 994 px)

New functionality in the forthcoming Version 14 – context menu view
(446 KB; 1486 x 967 px)

Ring Rolling process simulation
(690,2 KB, 1832 x 1241 px)

Hot forging simulation of an automotive conrod.
(532,4 KB x 1832 x 1241px)

Simulate Welding procceses with Simufact Welding

The cover of the Simufact Welding software box. 
(409 KB, 675x866 px)

Simufact Welding product portfolio . 
(1,8 MB, 2000x1612 px)

The picture shows a calculated half, taking advantage of symmetry, idealized cross-girder structure.
(261 KB; 1920 x 1175 px)

Simulation of a resistance spot welding process - wheelhousing
(194 KB, 1373  x 724 px)

Distortions in a simulated coupling cross member
(154 KB,1490 x 599 px)

Picture displays simulation of laser welding of sheet metal structures in clamping device.
(530,1 KB, 1794 x 1241 px)

Pictures displays simulation of a carrier - residual stresses. 
(560 KB, 1794 x 1241 px)

Welding simulation of a carrier with Simufact Welding.  
(489,9 KB, 1794 x 1241 px)

Simulation of a tensile specimen welded - welded structure test.
(241 KB, 1794 x 1241)

Select new calculation methods via the checkbox in Simufact Welding 6
(36 KB, 844 x 624 px)

Simulation of a component clamping device. 
(385,4 KB, 1794 x 1241 px)

Simulate metal-based additive manufacturing processes

Bracket distortion after cutting the base plate 


Manifold part distortion after cutting the base plate

Manifold part effective stress after cutting the base plate

Distortion in an additively manufactured impeller
(254 KB, 1920 x 1080 px)

Additive Manufacturing process chain - parts covered by Simufact and MSC Software
(147 KB, 1455 x 361 px)

Result of the disortions in the upper part in Simufact Additive
(529 KB, 1913 x 1128 px)

Simulation Services

Professionals services of Simufact
(1,20 MB, 2094 x 1695 px)

Working station simulation
(4,58 MB, 5184 x 3456 px)

Management and Company

Managing Director & CEO Dr. Hendrik Schafstall
(1,6 MB, 2500x3749 px)

Manager Director & VP Strategic Business Development Michael Wohlmuth
(2,1 MB 2500x3750 px)

Simufact managing directors in front of the
office building Tempowerkring 19. 
(10,1 MB, 5184x3456 px)

Office building in the HIT-Technopark - Tempowerkring 19 Company Headquarter of simufact engineering gmbh 
(1,2 MB, 1280x958 px)

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