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Katrin Kube
Specialist Online Marketing
Phone: +49 (0)40 790 128 163

Press Releases and News

Simufact grows in personnel and moves into new office building

Office expansion provides options for further personnel growth

New address and phone number

Istanbul Technical University and Simufact Engineering establish ‘Virtual Manufacturing Laboratory’

Industry in Turkey has a growing demand for Engineers with simulation know-how

Virtual Tryout methods are on the advance in Turkey as well

Process simulation in Sheet Metal working industries: Simufact provides first insights into the new software version Simufact.forming 12

Forming, Joining, Welding: At the Blechexpo / Schweisstec Simufact presents their simulation software product versions Simufact.forming 12 and Simufact.welding 3.1 – to be employed for the simulation of manufacturing processes in sheet metal working industry


The next generation of forming simulation: Simufact introduces the new Simufact.forming version 12

Improved ease of use achieved through a more intuitive handling, introduction of specific user errors in correlation with process specific software functions

Convenient and fast modeling based on expert knowledge (adaptive design)

Unmatched quality of simulation results through refined kinematics and improved material descriptions

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