Handle very complex assemblies with Simufact Welding 8

Hamburg, Germany, October 26, 2018 – Simufact Engineering, an MSC Software company, has released the latest version of its solution for welding processes. Simufact Welding v8 offers a range of improvements with regards to stability, speed and handling of the software. One main feature is the Simufact embedded mesher, which has better ease-of-use and is more intuitive in handling the application. Furthermore, it has enhancements to the Marc Solver from MSC Software which increases its speed, stability and accuracy of simulations.

Some features in this release:

Meshing technology from a single source

Simufact Welding 8 offers Simufact’s own embedded meshing technology that is user-friendly and intuitive. Users can create basic geometries directly in Simufact Welding and mesh them with its internal meshers that support hexahedral and tetrahedral elements as well as solid shells. Simufact users benefit from the wider product benefits of MSC Software in terms of the creation of large and complex models supported by the company’s own FEA mesher. Customers now do not need to use third-party products for meshing large, complex welding models.

Improved quality through applied seam generator for cladding and multilayer welding

Simufact Welding 8 now offers a widely reworked fillet generator which is able to create meshed geometries based on quadrangular shapes. These geometries are common in laser cladding and multilayer welding models. Additionally, created mesh cross-sections are visible in the generator preview window, so the mesh quality can be controlled directly without the need to create and control meshes afterwards. This usually leads to better mesh quality and improves the calculation stability and also the quality of results.

Reduce time while creating complex assemblies with a large number of clamping tools

Simufact Welding 8 offers more realistic clamping tools. During simulation, clamps can be activated, deactivated or fixed in space for a certain time period. The transfer of clamp properties, such as activation or fixation time, forces, stiffness, as well as the extended creation wizard reduce the effort needed to create and configure large numbers of tools with similar properties. Especially for complex assemblies with high number of tools those new features reduce the time needed for proper model setup.

Speaking about this product release, Dr. Hendrik Schafstall Managing Director and CEO of Simufact said “We are excited about this release of Simufact Welding because of the enhanced user experience, usability and connectivity enhancements we’ve added to this market leading product which we believe will lead to significant productivity improvements for all our users along with the ability to deal with even bigger and more complex simulations.”

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