Simufact introduces software for the simulation of welding structures

Hamburg/Essen, September 23, 2013At the International Trade Fair Joining Cutting Surfacing (SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN) in Essen, Germany, Simufact Engineering has introduced its simulation software Simufact.welding for the first time to a broad professional audience. The new software provides unique possibilities for a reliable simulation of welding structures for companies applying industrial welding processes in serial production.

Simufact’s simulation software Simufact.forming has been established on the market for several years now. It covers a wide range of forming processes, including sheet metal forming and mechanical joining processes.

Both product lines provide common benefits: Due to the application of numerical simulation, companies can transfer the cost and time-consuming tryouts from the plant floor into the computer´s virtuality. The simulation provides insights into process sequences, into the inner conditions of the component and its behavior during the manufacturing. The companies can save expenses and time in the development, production and optimization of highly sophisticated components.


The newcomer: Simufact.welding

Simufact.welding is a high-performance finite-element based software, upon latest solver technology, which allows for the modeling of the elastic-plastic material behavior. One of the most important tasks the customers succeeds in using the software, is to realistically predict and minimize distortions and residual stresses considering the microstructural transformation and to minimize these factors in the component. Simufact.welding calculates the microstructural properties in the heat-affected zones; conclusions to the properties of weld seams can be drawn, especially to its tensile strength. All this provides the user with valuable advices how to detect and to avoid weld failures such as hot cracks.

The software supports the user in developing the best clamping fixture for the welding process and provides facts to determine the most effective welding sequences. Simufact.welding accurately predicts the final contour of the component and helps to manufacture the components with precise tolerances in series.

The welding experts of Simufact have developed the new software line Simufact.welding across a span of six years. Today the software convinces with a user-friendly overall concept, whose development stage can significantly boost the comprehensive simulation of welding processes. After its initial use for research at the university level, it is now successfully utilized in first industry projects.


High performing and established: Simufact.forming

A wide range of manufacturing processes can be simulated with Simufact.forming, amongst them sheet metal forming and mechanical joining processes. Simufact.forming offers comprehensive functionality to simulate complex metal structures such as structural components and the composite processes. Due to the elastic-plastic modeling approach, the user receives highest quality of results in ironing and in representing the spring-back. The software realistically represents the component structure, aids in the determination of the exact sheet thickness and allows for considering the anisotropyof the manufacturing parts.

Simufact.forming also provides valuable insights into the modeling of mechanical joining techniques, particularly in the design of robust joining processes and the design of joining elements. The software can consider multiple glue layers and high speed effects. It reliably predicts the forces of the joining process and provides results as part of a failure analysis.


Visit the Simufact exhibition booth in Hall 7.1, Booth No. A108

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