Simufact grows in personnel and moves into new office building

Hamburg, Germany, April 7, 2014 – Simufact Engineering is expanding its headquarters in Hamburg and moves into a more expansive office space. Beginning at the end of April, employees will use the new office building on Tempowerkring 19, offering 880 square meters; spread over two floors, with spacious and modernly equipped offices.

‘We are glad to have found new office space that gives us the opportunity to expand within the hit Technopark’, said Michael Wohlmuth, Managing Director of Simufact. ‘Therefore, we can continue to profit from the Technoparks’ excellent infrastructure. The significant office space expansion provides a new perspective for further personnel growth in the coming years.’

‘Our employees and customers can look forward to the new office space’, added Dr. Hendrik Schafstall, also Managing Director of Simufact. ‘The modern offices create a bright and motivating workplace for all employees – ideal for the challenging projects, facing our engineering and software experts every day. At the same time, our customers will benefit from welcoming training and conference rooms.’

 hit goes green – energy efficient construction

With its new office space, Simufact benefits from the hit Technoparks’ new energy-efficiency initiative ‘hit goes green’: a cogeneration unit is integrated in the new building and provides electricity in addition to heating in the winter and cooling during the summer. Ceiling-mounted radiant panels instead of regular radiators ensure a soundless distribution of warm and cool. LED floor lamps are to provide a better illumination and consume less energy than conventional ceiling lighting.

Simufact Engineering is a globally operating software company whose simulation products and services are utilized for the design and optimization of manufacturing processes. In their headquarters in Hamburg, in the German offices in Aachen, Kassel, and Marburg, as well as in the company's subsidiaries Simufact-Americas in Plymouth, Michigan (USA), and Simufact India in Bangalore, Simufact employs more than 50 people.

New contact information:

Simufact engineering gmbh

Tempowerkring 19

21079 Hamburg

Phone: +49 (0)40 / 790 128-000


Accompanying photo for this news release available for download:
Dr. Hendrik Schafstall (right) and Michael Wohlmuth,
Managing Directors of Simufact in front of the new office building in the hit Technopark

Photo: Oliver Hardt /hit Technopark


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