Simufact Forming 16: Sets the new benchmark for forming simulation software

Hamburg, Germany, June 14, 2019 – Simufact Engineering, an MSC software company, unveils Simufact Forming 16 – the next version of its forming suite. The upcoming release covers a broad range of highlights and improvements to create robust simulation models, set up complex manufacturing processes, and provides users with a clearer understanding of the process through both the presentation of practical results and functional evaluations.

“With our new version 16, we underline our ambitions to deliver the best forming process simulation package – including speed, accuracy, functionality and usability,” said Dr. Hendrik Schafstall, CEO and Managing Director.

Fast and efficient modelling of complex manufacturing processes

“The intuitive software enables the user to become more efficient as they can quickly build models of complex manufacturing processes, through only a few clicks of the mouse”, said Dr. Gabriel Mc Bain, Senior Director Product Management. “ Thanks to the Graphical User Interface (GUI) in Simufact Forming 16, and the intelligent context menus and integrated dialogue, it is incredibly easy to use. Furthermore, we have improved the visualization and handling of big models.”

Avoid simulation crashes by building robust simulations models

The newly implemented functionality for the geometry data check enables the user to set up robust simulation models by identifying the geometry defects as well as their positions within the component. The generated knowledge helps the user repair the errors within the CAD-system. Hereinafter, the user imports the optimised tool geometries into Simufact Forming 16 and continues setting up the model. As a result, the user can retrace any corrections that have been made.

Improved understanding of the process through both the representation of practical results and functional evaluations.

The user benefits from the expansions of 3D features which enables the utilisation of the symmetry properties to extend the visualization up to 360 degrees using mirror - and axial symmetry features regardless of their position in the space. The full 3D visualisation provides a comprehensive understanding of the results, which enables a deeper understanding of the process.

Another feature is the expanded scope of post particles which delivers measurements of deformable dies and 2D simulations. These can be used as virtual sensors at any position for the evaluation. Another benefit is that this is made distinctly faster from using virtual sensors during the model evaluation.

Reduce computing time and compare simulation and reference model

In Simufact Forming, compared to 3D full models, the user saves considerable computing time while retaining practice-oriented full 3D visualisation. This feature in Version 16, has an extended application scope which provides a particularly effective method and reduces calculation time.

A further highlight of the latest version is to compare the simulated model with a reference model (e.g. a CAD model or measured surfaces) using the “best-fit method”. Here the software automatically determines the position where the deviation is the highest and shows this deviation in the result view. For this function, Simufact has integrated Hexagon’s 3DReshaper technology. 

“We always follow the approach of an open software solution concept which enables the user to work easily with third party products,” said Dr. Gabriel Mc Bain. “Therefore, the user benefits from an enhanced flexibility in terms of sharing results with any CAE product. The user is able to transfer the exported simulation results in any other products, for example for fatigue simulation.”

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