Simufact Engineering and Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Shah Alam in Malaysia agree on cooperation in research and training

Hamburg/Shah Alam, Malaysia, February 28, 2013 – The Hamburg based software company Simufact Engineering and the Malaysian university UiTM (Universiti Teknologi MARA) in Shah Alam have started to cooperate in research and education of students and software users from the industry. The focus of the cooperation is on modern software-aided simulation methods that are employed in the production of metal-based industrial goods such as automobiles and engines.

Last Wednesday, representatives of the university and of Simufact signed a cooperation paper and a certificate of incorporation for the ‘Research & Training Centre for Virtual Manufacturing Technology and Process’. Industry representatives from Malaysia and Indonesia attended also the signing of the contract.

In terms of organization, the newly established ‘Research & Training Centre for Virtual Manufacturing Technology and Process’ is affiliated with the Advance Manufacturing Technology Excellence Center (AMTEx). AMTEx is a research and development centre at the UiTM faculty of Mechanical Engineering, which is supposed to deepen the cooperation of research, production and industrial practice concerning the development of new manufacturing technologies. Computer-based production processes play a major role in this context.

‘We are pleased to be the first research and training center in South East Asia,’ says
Assoc. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Yupiter HP Manurung, Director of AMTEx. ‘I am very optimistic with this cooperation since we position ourselves as a resource centre for solving industrial problems, for producing technical publications and for educating engineering students as well as practitioners using this sophisticated simulation software. Simufact software is not only very user-friendly which is very important for industrial applications to achieve fast and precise results; the software also provides an open structure for conducting high level research investigation which is very essential for academician use.’

Professor Manurung, widely renowned in the field of production and welding technology in South East Asia, has frequently been asked by Malaysian and Indonesian companies for advice on a high-performance software solution for the simulation of industrial forming and welding processes. Professor Manurung highly recommended the industry to use Simufact’s simulation software.

Strong arguments in favor of the location of Malaysia – according to Professor Manurung – are not only its centrality in the region, but also the continuing growth of the steel manufacturing industry in South East Asia after the global economic crisis. An object of the

Malaysian government would be to establish the country as a prominent education hub in South East Asia.

Dr. Hendrik Schafstall, Managing Director and CTO: ‘The cooperation with UiTM is a significant component of our ‘Scientific Initiative’, with which we promote the knowledge transfer between industry and science. Cooperations of this kind, on the one hand, strengthen the competitiveness of companies; on the other hand, they ensure the practical relevance of research and education as well as the profitable application of research results.’

‘The new training center is supposed to serve as a training center for our resellers in the region of South East Asia; for us, its importance exceeds the borders of Malaysia by far,’ says Stefan Zimmer, Director Channel Operations at Simufact.

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