Simufact and Materialise Introduce Simulation for Metal AM Workflow

Frankfurt, Germany – November 15, 2017. Materialise NV (Nasdaq: MTLS), a leading provider of Additive Manufacturing (AM) software and services, and Simufact Engineering GmbH, a leading provider of Metal AM process simulation software, announced an OEM license agreement. This collaboration will allow Materialise Magics users to better control the pre-build process by applying Simufact simulation within their familiar data preparation environment. In addition, the support structures in the Simufact Additive software will be represented with Materialise Magics features.

Today, conducting simulations to predict the AM process requires expert knowledge because of its process complexity. The combination of Simufact’s simulation expertise with Materialise’s full process AM expertise results in a straightforward workflow for Magics users who want to apply simulation within their process.

“Quality control is currently one of the most important challenges to meet the demanding requirements of our customers. Our Inspector software already provides control during and after the build process and now Magics users will be able to predict errors before production. We are very confident that the combination of our well-established Magics software with proven simulation technology from a market leader like Simufact will offer competitive simulation-driven solutions to the AM market.” states Stefaan Motte, Vice President of Software at Materialise.

Simufact Additive is a powerful and scalable software tool for the simulation of metal-based AM processes. Systematic use of process simulation drastically reduces the number of prototypes to be built in the development phase, while improving the quality and lifetime of the products. This directly minimizes the time-to-market and development costs. Implementing simulation within Materialise Magics will allow R&D departments, universities and designers to seamlessly shift from a heuristic approach to a scientific, validated approach.

“Support structure generation is a standard process in the AM build preparation workflow, and Magics software is a market-leading tool for this purpose. When it comes to optimizing the build process based on simulation results, the support structure plays a significant role in achieving first-time-right print results. Our customers will benefit from Materialise’s leading representation of support structures integrated in Simufact Additive, further strengthening our simulation process chain,” says Dr. Hendrik Schafstall, CTO at Simufact engineering.


Press conference

Stefaan Motte, Vice President of Software at Materialise, and Michael Wohlmuth, CEO of Simufact, will be holding a press moment to answer questions about this collaboration during formnext at the TCT press conference room on Wednesday, November 15 at 12:15.

You can book a demo session or check Simufact’s presentations agenda at the Materialise booth here.          




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