Simufact and MAGMA: Pushing forward the Process Chain in Casting and Forming Simulation

Hamburg/Aachen (Germany), July 16, 2018 - Simufact Engineering GmbH, an MSC Software company, and MAGMA Giessereitechnologie GmbH are collaborating to push forward the efficient, state-of-the-art optimization of the manufacturing process chain from casting to forming. MAGMA and Simufact have developed a new interface between casting process, annealing and forming simulation, which enables the transfer of simulated local proper ties of the cast part to the subsequent forming process simulation. The innovative interface is offered by both companies, along with their new software releases MAGMASOFT® Rel. 5.4 and Simufact Forming 15.

MAGMASOFT® allows for realistic starting conditions of forming simulation as it predicts various local properties as well as defects in the casting or ingot. This helps to achieve the essential improvements for the final part quality since local properties or defects heavily impact the subsequent forming process. The new approach enables the design of a robust forming process. Potential risks that originate from shrinkage porosities inside the workpiece can now be identified early in all processes and for any casting materials like steels, aluminum or others.

MAGMASOFT® is capable of establishing robust process conditions and the best possible layout of a casting process for an optimized product quality using Autonomous Engineering. All aspects of the casting process are considered, including pouring, solidification, removal of the die and cooling down of the casting. The simulation delivers various criteria describing the quality of a casting part, such as shrinkage distribution, porosity, macro segregation, and inclusions at the casting surface. It also allows assessing residual stresses, risk for cracks and local material properties such as tensile strength or ductility.

Simufact provides proven process simulation solutions for the design and optimization of forming, thermal and mechanical joining as well as additive manufacturing processes. The use of Simufact simulation tools helps customers significantly reduce production development and operational costs.



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