Joint competence at TCT Asia: Simufact and e-Xstream engineering present their simulation solutions for metal and plastics additive manufacturing

Hamburg/Hautcharage, January 12, 2018 – At this year’s TCT Asia fair in Shanghai, China, Simufact Engineering and e-Xstream engineering (both MSC software companies) will be presenting their solutions for the simulation of Additive Manufacturing (AM) processes. Simufact Additive is a simulation tool for predicting and reducing distortion in metal-based manufacturing processes, while Digimat Additive Manufacturing offers a holistic simulation solution of AM for polymers and composites.

Simufact Additive for Additive Manufacturing of Metals

Simufact Additive is a powerful and scalable simulation tool for the metal-based additive manufacturing processes. The simulation of 3D printing process provides the information about distortions and residual stresses in the component, which forms the basis for the development of the suitable countermeasures before the first part is ever printed. Simufact Additive covers the complete AM manufacturing processes for the powder bed fusion processes and simulates the actual printing process as well as the subsequent processes such as the heat treatment to reduce the residual stress, cutting off the base plate, removing support structures as well as the hot isostatic pressing (HIP).

Most recently, Simufact launched the third generation of its software solution. Simufact Additive 3 thermo-mechanical calculation method, shows the effects of thermal energy on the additively manufactured part in addition to the mechanical simulation. These calculation methods help users determine the deformation as well as the influence of the base plate to the component. Simufact will present all the new features in the context of live-demos on the TCT Asia booth J 57.

“We are proud that we achieved a broad customer base with more than 50 companies in Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, and AM suppliers shortly after the launch of Simufact Additive. Our customers gain commercial and practical benefits from the use of process simulation, says Michael Wohlmuth, CEO and Managing Director simufact engineering.”

Digimat for Additive Manufacturing of polymers and composites

Digimat offers a holistic simulation platform for additive manufacturing to deliver a unique combination of material engineering, process simulation, and structural analysis solutions. It is the ultimate solution for Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF), Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) of reinforced materials manufacturing processes. For printer manufacturers and end-users, the part fidelity is the top challenge to overcome.

Digimat Additive Manufacturing Solution allows the engineer to predict warpage and residual stresses of a polymer part as a function of the manufacturing process parameters. With Digimat-AM, users can further optimize the process and minimize the part deformation right at their fingertips. Virtual engineering is the solution to minimize printing trial and errors because it enables engineers to explore the process sensitivity to manufacturing parameters.

"With solutions for materials development, process simulation, and printed part performance, Digimat Additive Manufacturing is a completely innovative solution that's fully dedicated to reinforced plastics and composites, allowing its users to 'print first time right " - Roger Assaker, CEO of e-Xstream engineering, Chief Material Strategist of MSC Software.

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