Istanbul Technical University and Simufact Engineering establish ‘Virtual Manufacturing Laboratory’

Istanbul, Turkey, January 21, 2014 – The Istanbul Technical University (ITU) and Simufact Engineering have established a ‘Virtual Manufacturing Laboratory’. The Laboratory will extend ITU´s education, research and development capabilities in the field of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) and virtual try-out technologies – as a response to the growing industrial demand in Turkey for engineers with manufacturing simulation software expertise. The official opening ceremony was held by the Faculty of Machinery on November 20, 2013.

During the opening ceremony, Professor Lutfullah Kuddusi, Associate Dean of the ITU Machinery Faculty, stated: ‘Virtual try-out methods are getting spread and we shall be familiar with this level of technology. As we were informed recently from industry about the need of engineers who are eligible to use manufacturing simulation software, we have decided to establish the laboratory in which the Simufact software will be utilized.’

Germany-based Simufact Engineering is one of the leading providers of manufacturing simulation software for metalworking and -processing companies. Virtual testing methods help companies save valuable production resources and simultaneously reduce the time needed to release innovative production processes for (serial) production.

In his speech at the opening ceremony Associate Professor Dr. Murat Tabanli emphasized Simufact’s user-friendly software interface and accurate results.

Prior to the opening ceremony, ITU and Simufact held a one day seminar titled ‘CAE applications in Manufacturing Industry’ which attracted participants from both industry and academia.

In a first step the ‘Virtual Manufacturing Laboratory’ will be used for the course IML402- Manufacturing Laboratory II, in which undergraduate students will perform virtual tests for basic metal forming processes, followed by physical experiments. Besides, graduate students may use the software for advanced academic applications.

The ITU was founded in 1773, during Ottoman Empire period, under the name of ‘Seminary of Naval Engineering’. Today the university meets the needs of more than 30.000 students, most of them striving for an engineering qualification. ITU is placed in the heart of the most industrialized area of Turkey: Istanbul and its vicinity.

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