Industrial application of welding simulation is gaining ground

Hamburg, Germany, July 16, 2014 – ‘The productive application of software for welding simulation in the industry is gaining ground.’ With this statement, Simufact director and CTO Dr. Hendrik Schafstall points out the trend which was co-started by the software company itself. ‘Our yearlong efforts in the development of a practice-oriented software for the simulation of welding processes is now paying off, the demand of the industry is noticeably rising’, says Mr. Schafstall. ‘We see that the initial phase of research, experimenting and trials is complete and that our customers are serious about the application of welding simulation.’

Originally based on requirements developed by a task force in the automotive sector, in 2006 a small team of Simufact welding experts began working towards the welding simulation software Simufact.welding. After the primary users were university research departments, the software has now reached a level of maturity, which allows the productive application into the challenging industrial practice.

Since mid of June, the new version Simufact.welding 4 is available now. The software convinces with a user-friendly overall concept, high calculation precision and – particularly important for the production industry – substantially shortened calculation times for the simulation. Thus, Simufact is able to speed up the simulation of welding processes by a factor of 2 to 5 through software advancements. ‘Under the time constraints of the development cycle, it is essential that the software delivers reliable results in the shortest possible time – here we have taken a great step forward’, said Mr. Schafstall. The focus of the simulation is still on welding specific problems such as the prediction of distortions and internal stresses, the development of the optimal clamping fixture for the welding process and the determination of the best welding sequence.

Given the rising demand, Simufact has increased personnel: Mr. Jan von Borstel is responsible for the sales of the software Simufact.welding as a Senior Sales Consultant. As a qualified engineer and technical business economist, Mr. von Borstel has broad technical qualifications and expertise, supplemented by long experience in software sales, which he will also use in a consulting role towards the customers regarding the application of simulation software.

First Meeting of the Users of Simufact.welding

At the end of May, the German users of Simufact.welding came together for the first user meeting. Among the customers are automotive companies and their suppliers, next to researching universities. The meeting serves the direct exchange with the users, the discussion about the further development of the software, as well as networking among the users.

Starting in 2015, the user meeting for welding simulation will be integrated into the annual Simufact RoundTable; Simufact has hosted the Round Table Simulating Manufacturing for 14 years now. With 150 regular participants, the RoundTable has established itself as the largest meeting of forming simulants in Germany.

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