Explore the On-Demand Webinars on Virtual Manufacturing and Costing

For the design and development of parts and assemblies manufacturing plays an important role. Engineers work hard to develop optimal manufacturing processes and face many challenges.

Simufact, part of Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division, responsible for Virtual Manufacturing, and its countership Forming Technologies, FTI, responsible for Costing, combinded their businesses and technologies and provide the market the Virtual Manufacturing & Costing (VMC) solutionin in the Hexagon (HMI) business unit Design&Engineering of MSC Software. We now provide the market smart engineering solutions to accelerate the Industry 4.0 transformation while improving manufacturing quality, reducing cost, and time to market as the heart of the digital process chain.

Devoloping the optimal manufacturing process engineers face many challenges including:

  • Developing manufacturing methods while not interfering with existing manufacturing machinery and production lines
  • Making rapid changes to tooling and machinery of the manufacturing process
  • Determining the best build orientation, compensating for final part distortion, and optimizing support structures for additive manufacturing applications to ensure lightweight designs that minimize costs and are feasible to manufacture
  • Ensuring parts can be feasibly manufactured and associated costs are minimized
  • Tracking material usage and cost for many manufactured parts and assemblies
  • Generating detailed quotes for material, die and other manufacturing costs
  • Determining and controlling temperature, machine force, and other parameters

The new VMC&C solution helps engineers to emulate the manufacturing shop floor into the virtual manufacturing word. So they are able to address most of their daily challenges prior to the final production. Instead of the real word manufacturing the user can construct a Digital Twin, enhanced by manufacturing intelligence. The new VMC&C solution is therefore part of the Hexagon Smart Factory initiative.

Production Engineers are welcome to view the five part webinar-series on demand and find out how the VMC&C solution helps to improve your manufacturing processes and minimize costs rapidly.


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