Cold Bulk Metal Forming Simulation with Simufact.forming

Hamburg (Germany), March 25, 2014 – At the wire 2014 Simufact Engineering presents its previously in January released version 12 of the simulation software Simufact.forming with its latest improvements for cold metal forming companies. As one of the novelties the new AFS technology bundles functions for the simulation of cold metal forming processes which provides usability benefits to the customer. At the trade fair, Simufact will put a focus on the opportunities how to avoid typical manufacturing defects, such as the fold formation on the component; Simufact will point out the benefits of the software for the design and the optimization of manufacturing processes.

Simufact.forming covers a wide range of different forming processes in the metal working and metal processing industry. The software is primarily aiming at machinery and plant engineering companies, the automotive and the aerospace industry as well as sector-related suppliers.

Typical issues for the simulation of cold bulk metal forming simulation

Simufact’s trade fair activities will put a focus on the question how cold forming companies can avoid typical manufacturing defects such as fold formation on the component by the help of forming simulation. Highly relevant for the cold forming, also from an economic perspective, is - besides the forming of the component - the tool analysis, particularly the tool life. The characteristic yield stresses and the material hardening require great pressing forces and reveal to the forming tools to be used. The tool resistance, highly relevant for cold forming processes, can often only be attained by a supporting reinforcement. Therefore the simulation has to consider all relevant framework conditions including the tool reinforcement and the material flow. Essential for a high-precision simulation of cold forming processes is the realistic presentation of the forces involved in the forming process while taking into account the effects of spring back and the elastic-plastic material laws – features that are all provided by Simufact.forming.

Simufact.forming 12: Bundled functionality for cold metal forming

With the latest product version Simufact.forming 12, Simufact introduced the newly developed AFS technology (Application Function Sets). After starting the software, the user can now decide for a specific field of application. Specific process-depending setups, such as the selection of the appropriate solver, are displayed, while specific functions for other application fields are hidden. As a result, the functions for cold metal forming are bundled and the software limits itself to the process-relevant functions. This greatly improves the usability of the software: streamlined and simplified, the use becomes more intuitive, faster and more effective.

Besides the cold metal forming, Simufact.forming can be applied for hot forming, sheet metal forming, rolling, ring rolling, open die forging, heat treatment and mechanical joining processes.

Advantages of process simulation from a customer’s point of view

Simulation software supports in finding answers to urgent matters. Often a simulation-based feasibility analysis shows whether or not the component, requested by the customer, can be realized.

For those striving to avoid mistakes in the series production, process simulation has become an indispensable tool to simulate several manufacturing approaches simultaneously, to differentiate between good and bad approaches and to decide for the most suitable one. Such an experimental try-out approach would be significantly more expensive and uneconomic in real-life testing. Even without an experimental approach, a reduction of the number of trial runs remains worthwhile.

By virtual testing the results of multistage manufacturing processes can be predicted. Simufact.forming combines the individual stages and calculates multistage processes in a single run; the required transfer and increase of results (2D-3D) as well as the positioning of the die are automatic functions.

With its long-term experience, and broad customer base, Simufact has established as a leading expert for the simulation of cold metal forming processes.


Visit Simufact at the wire: hall 15, booth H37

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