Simulating Sheet Metal Forming

Management Summary

Clutch plate ( Source: ZF )
Clutch plate ( Source: ZF )

The Simufact.forming Sheet Metal Forming application module aids the simulation of forming sheet metal parts from flat rolled primary materials. This module supports the manufacturing processes of tubes, profile parts, structural parts, engine and transmission housings, mechanical components, and many other products. This module supports transfer presses, as well as progressive tools, roll forming, and rolling production processes. The high flexibility of this module allows for the modeling of the most demanding multi-axis tool movements. The innovative and advanced features of this module, with its element and meshing technology, yields precise results while being simple to use.


Modeling the Complete Process Sequence

With Simufact Forming, multistage forming processes can be calculated automatically. As well as the actual forming operation, this module can also depict accompanying punching and cutting operations. In addition to the real geometries, the stress and hardening state of the material can be easily transferred to subsequent manufacturing operations, exactly as occurs in a real production process.

Application spectrum for Simufact Forming Sheet Metal Forming

The module Sheet Metal Forming has many functionalities and is very flexible, allowing for the simulation of a variety of processes and procedures, such as:

  • Ironing
  • Thickening
  • Bending
  • Beading
  • Hemming
  • Tube drawing
Roll forming
  • Draw bending
  • Embossing
  • Rolling
  • Roll forming
  • Punching/Bending
  • Deep drawing
  • Roll profiles

The Sheet Metal Forming module also allows the combination of different processes with incision tools, transfer tools, or in progressive tool technology for realistic modeling. The integrated material database contains the required material properties of many commercially available steel and aluminum materials to use in this application.

Simulation Videos Sheet Metal Forming

A disk carrier for a double-clutch gearbox for cars


A simulation of cracking in a Nakajiama test specimen


A simulation of martensite evolution during press hardening.


A simulation of a seam connection between two metal sheets.


Process chain forming - joining: impact test as an example of a drop test on a rollformed and laser-welded box


Optimization Targets

Reach your optimization targets with Simufact Forming Sheet Metal Forming

App. Disk carrier- bottom view
Disk carrier - bottom view
  • Predict potential crack regions
  • Determine the real wall thickness distribution and edge curvature
  • Predict elastic springback and the distortion due to residual stresses during forming and trimming
  • Determine the required forming forces
  • Determine the stresses in the shaping tools

Functional Highlights

Utilize the functional advantages of Simufact Forming Sheet Metal Forming

  • Accurate results through the consistent use of hexahedral elements
  • Special meshing algorithms and strategies for sheet metal structures
  • Highly accurate calculation for bending, ironing, and upsetting by using continuum element technology
  • Easy to use templates and databases
  • Support for driven, free floating, and spring-controlled tools
  • The ability to incorporate elasto-plastic tool deformation
  • The latest computing technology for short simulation times
  • Automated calculation of multistage forming processes

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