Simulating Ring Rolling

Management Summary

The Simufact Forming Ring Rolling application module provides all necessary functionality for the simulation of ring rolling processes.

Whether ring rolling, ring expansion, axial rolling or wheel rolling, profiled rings or rings with rectangular cross-sections: with Simufact Forming you can simulate any kind of ring rolling process in all dimensions and across the whole range of ring products. The software supports both cold and hot rolling processes and closed-loop controlled kinematics based on ring growth.


Take advantage of Simufact Forming for your ring rolling processes

  1. Shorter development times with fewer trials
  2. Unique process insight
  3. Higher process stability and quality
  4. Predictions of component properties
  5. Near net-shape manufacture
  6. Higher machine utilization
  7. Optimum adjustment of different process stages
  8. Higher yield, less waste
  9. Avoid rolling mistakes and cracks

Modeling Entire Process Chains

With Simufact Forming, you can model the entire process chain of ring manufacturing. Starting with the first heat treatment, then upsetting and preforming, punching, ring rolling and ending with machining the final geometry and the final heat treatment.

Simufact Forming Ring Rolling enables fully three-dimensional simulations. Coupled with our module “Heat Treatment”, the internal stress and distortions created by subsequent heat treatment are predicted.


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Optimization targets

Ring rolling, effective plastic strain (discrete scale)
Ring rolling, effective plastic strain (discrete scale)

Reach your optimization targets with Simufact Forming Ring Rolling

  • Optimization of preform geometry
  • Determination of the necessary rolling strategy
  • Analysis of force and energy requirements
  • Adjustment of run-out
  • Higher dimensional accuracy and reduction of allowances for machining
  • Avoidance of rolling mistakes
  • Maintaining the necessary temperature range
  • Achieving a constant ring growth velocity
  • Adjustment of the required microstructure

Materials and Grades

Simufactn Forming Ring Rolling supports a variety of materials and grades

  • Carbon steels
  • Low and high alloy steels
  • Austenitic and dual-phase steels
  • Superalloys, e.g. Inconel, Hastelloy, Waspaloy, Incoloy, Nimonic
  • Nonferrous metals such as titanium, aluminum and copper alloys

Functional Highlights

Utilize the functional advantages of Simufact Forming Ring Rolling

  • Precise results through stringent use of hexahedron elements
  • Special meshing algorithms and strategies for ring rolling
  • Elasto-plastic and thermo-mechanical coupling in the material model
  • Highly precise modeling of the stress-strain state, internal stress and finally the geometry
  • Modeling of microstructure and phase transformations
  • Easy to operate with templates and databanks that offer production like parameter definitions
  • Precise modeling of tribology through innovative friction models
  • Realistic simulation of contacts, including slips in the roll gap
  • Unique process modeling with rigid body motions that allow for realistic component motion, without numerical instabilities and perfect volume constancy of the workpiece
  • Process modeling can be designed to be as complex as necessary in respect to the number of dies, the number of degrees of freedom and boundary conditions without losing user friendliness
  • Control of complex kinematics based on the simulation progress enables realistic simulation results
  • The highest level of precision and efficiency by taking into account axial symmetric 2D preforms, that can be calculated very fast, for a subsequent 3D simulation
  • Automatic linking of all process stages, including the transition from 2D to 3D
  • Fast 3D simulation thanks to parallel computing with multiprocessor work stations and cluster systems

During the ring rolling simulation, the positions and speeds of center and axial rollers can be controlled based on the current ring diameter, without the user having to provide positions or rotational speeds.

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A large number of users, among them leading machinery manufacturers, trust in Simufact Forming Ring Rolling for the simulation of ring rolling processes:

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