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Case Studies

Formula Student Green Team: Simufact provides a complete AM process simulation solution

Simufact Case Study - Simufact Engineering Renishaw and the GreenTeam


  • Cracks located at the interface between the par/base plate and the part/support
  • Undesired distortion


  • Failure analysis by simulation
  • Distortion compensation by adding inserts and new supports structure 


Bosch India: Overcome additive manufacturing issues by process simulation

Simufact Case Study -Overcome additive manufacturing issues by process simulation


  • Avoid additive manufacturing issues (distortion, residual stress) and establish a “right first time” manufacturing process.


  • Build process simulation helped Bosch to predict manufacturing issues and to find the right countermeasures to optimize the AM build process.



LightHinge+: Additively manufactured hood hinge

Simufact Case Study - Simufact Engineering LightHinge+ Projekt


  • Re-engineering of a conventional hood hinge aiming at substantial weight reduction, fewer component parts, less assembly steps, and integrated pedestrian protection functionality - to be manufactured using metal additive manufacturing methods.


  • In order to reduce the number of try-out steps, Simufact simulated the distortions in the AM parts. By distortion compensation countermeasures the parts were produced in shorter time meeting quality goals.


Project Website

Safran: Collaborative Simultaneous Engineering Tool for Additive Manufacturing

Safran Case Study - Simufact Additive: Collaborative Simultaneous Engineering Tool for Additive Manufacturing


  • Qualify AM process simulation solutions and deploy it within Safran´s operating units


  • Simufact Additive is used in product design and production support as part of their feasibility studies.



Flexibility through additive manufacturing: How simulation supports 3D prototyping

Case Study: Flexibility through additive manufacturing: How simulation supports 3D prototyping


  • Transfer prototyping into serial manufacturing. Using the example of a filigree blade geometry we consider the challenges of traditional manufacturing.


  • Generate variant diversity with the help of additive manufacturing. This technique helps you save time and money. Reach the first-time-right approach through



What Customers say

CERN Geneve

Simufact Case Study - Simufact Engineering Renishaw and the GreenTeam
Romain Gerad (Cern)

The Mechanical and Materials group of CERN chose Simufact Additive to simulate the Selective Laser Melting process for predicting the deformation of parts for High Energy Physics application, ie. superconducting magnets and Radio-Frequency (RF) components. Predicting deformation is key to achieve first-time accurate parts, especially for parts made with expensive materials such as niobium developed for Superconducting RF application.

Romain GERARD,

Additive Manufacturing Engineer, CERN Geneve


H+E Produktentwicklung GmbH

Photo: Matthias Gruetze (H+E)
Matthias Gruetze (H+E Produktentwicklung GmbH)

In our daily work, dimensional accuracy, precision and a mature design play an extremely important role. In order to meet these requirements, we employ the simulation software Simufact Additive in our design. From the use of the simulation solution, we improve the accuracy in the production processes. With its ease of use, Simufact Additive is perfectly integrated into our engineering.

Matthias Gruetze,

Managing Director Manufacturing, H+E Produktentwicklung GmbH


MBFZ toolcraft GmbH

Photo: Christoph Hauck (toolcraft)
Christoph Hauck (toolcraft GmbH)

Additive manufacturing, if done wrong, can become a very cost intensive process.One the one hand a defective print wastes expensive materials in powder form on the other hand we have a welding process accompanied by distortions. We are increasingly confronted with designs on the edge of feasibility. Often large framework dimensions are required where classic parameters lead to strong distortions.

With Simufact Additive, we now have a software solution, which makes the development of a zero-fault production to an attainable goal. We can run the simulation in advance in order to detect the deformation of the component. To us, Simufact Additive provides a great value.

Running eleven printing facilities at our company we assume that our invest should be amortized soon.

Christoph Hauck,

Managing Director, MBFZ toolcraft GmbH


Technische Universität Graz

Photo: Prof. Josef Domitner (Technical University Graz)
Prof. Josef Domitner (Technical University Graz)

Several years ago, we used Simufact Forming for the simulation of our manufacturing projects. We are absolutely convinced by the performance and the accuracy of the calculation results that we received with the software. For this reason, we decided to employ Simufact Additive in our upcoming project in order to continue the collaboration with Simufact and their product’s. From our point of view, Simufact Additive is a scalable and powerful software solution that quickly and realistically reflects the challenges of metal-based additive manufacturing processes. We are convinced by the user-friendly interface combined with its appealing design ensures for an intuitive and easy handling of the software and requires no long training periods. As the Institute of Materials Science, Joining and Forming Technology of the TU Graz we are highly satisfied with Simufact and their provided software solutions.

Prof. Josef Domitner,

Technical University Graz


Simufact has built up a strong user base for Simufact Additive with more than 100 customers from aerospace, automotive, medical technology, AM services, and academic research.

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