Assembly design

Your Challenge

The worst case scenario for assembly design would be the situation, where, after the design and manufacturing of components as well as clamping, it turns out, that the joining process of the assembly leads to distortions and/or stresses that are outside the specification and cannot be corrected by changing the welding sequence or welding parameters. This means either a complete redesign of the assembly or high efforts in the production to achieve needed product quality.


Our Solution

Fast estimations of what influence a welding process on final product quality has, are possible already during the design phase. Simufact Welding provides a number of model simplifications leading to very short calculation times allowing a fast estimation of distortions already during the design and construction process - thus helping reduce optimization efforts before a single component has been manufactured. This approach is known as “Predictive design approach”.

Although this approach requires some basic knowledge of simulation technology from designers, the benefit is convincing: It  highly reduces efforts to correct undesired impact of design and manufacturing on the final product quality afterwards.


Predictive design approach reduces efforts
Predictive design approach reduces efforts

Based on: Schumacher, A., Hierold, R., Binde, P.: Finite-Element-Berechnung am Konstruktionsarbeitsplatz – Konzept und Realisierung. Konstruktion (2002) 11/12. S. 71‑76

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