Overcome Metal Binder Jetting distortion with Simufact Additive

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Metal Binder Jetting is here. Don’t get left in the dust.

Metal Binder Jetting (MBJ) is an emerging additive manufacturing technology that has several key advantages over common Powder Bed Fusion processes; high volumes of parts can be printed with minimal spacing; no support structures are needed, and larger lot sizes are possible. It has the potential to replace low-volume, high-cost metal injection moulding for everything from automotive and aircraft parts to medical applications. Because high resolution is possible, it could also reduce the cost and lead times for production of complex and lightweight metallic parts such as gears or turbine wheels.


Advantages of Metal Binder Jetting

  • No supports needed​
  • Many parts can be printed at once with minimal spacing​
  • Suited for larger lot sizes than Powder Bed Fusion ​processes

Simufact Additive is the first dedicated multi-physics Metal Binder Jetting sintering simulation solution focusing on distortion due to the post build sintering process and its automated distortion compensation.


Challenges with Metal Binder Jetting processes

A part can shrink as much as 35% and the simple shrinkage models used for other processes cannot predict distortion during the post-build sintering process.

Shrinkage is a complex process, caused by factors such as the thermal strain, friction and gravity during sintering without specialist simulation knowledge. Furthermore, sintering induces mechanical stresses that – if not understood and mitigated – can cause failure.

It’s a complex problem with a steep learning curve that results in waste, unnecessary cost and prevents you from harnessing this compelling new technique.


See the future

Developed in close collaboration with 3D printer OEMs and manufacturers, we have applied advanced simulation to enable design and manufacturing professionals to compensate for distortion so you can produce parts “as designed” and significantly reduce the proportion of parts that must be scrapped or re-processed.

The new MBJ tool fits within existing workflows, automating the simulation setup from a CAD so that anyone can predict the shrinkage caused by factors such as the thermal strain, friction and gravity during sintering, without specialist simulation knowledge.

The MBJ tool extends our Simufact Additive software, complementing Powder Bed Fusion capabilities and common features such as geometry comparison in a single user interface.

Find out how you can take control of Metal Binder Jetting with Simufact Additive.

This video shows the shrinkage effect during Metal Binder Jetting sintering process with Simufact Additve.

Tutorial Video

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The tutorial video explains how to use the MBJ software and leads you through the model setup process. For download, please fill out the form below.








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